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17/03/2019 BIG DAVE'S BLOG


Another normal Sunday swimming gala for Halstead Swimming Club.

Well I don't think so…. OMG where did that come from everyone.

Morning session -

Massive effort by all and PB going on all over the place. Ruby Weaver and Charlotte Nicholls in the 50m breaststroke and Lewis Wilson with a massive PB in 200m breaststroke and 100m freestyle. Franklin Farren what a PB in your 100m freestyle. You made your mum cry so hard. Matt Bale what a great race and a massive PB in your 200m breaststroke, you gave it all and Thomas Nicholls getting a PB in 100m freestyle and Thomas Bale breaking 1:01 for 100m freestyle.

Apologies, i missed the boys 50m freestyle with all getting PB’s and Jack Weaver with a PB, you most definitely giving it all see missing the 100m freestyle helped. Remember to sign in Jack J.

Eloise Conway just missing out by the smallest time on PB in 100m fly when pushing hard for years. PB’s will get harder but you’re a credit to Halstead Swimming cClub and thank you for the lovely chats over the last two days

Second sesson -

Another great effort by all and PB’s for Ruby Weaver 3:30 and Jasmine Bale 2:52 in the 200m IM. Phoebe Hale just missing out but great effort. b for Phoebe, Ruby and Emily kay in 50m backstroke but Rose Vinter and Sophie Tyrie just missing out, but you both just keep on smiling after each race which is lovely to see. Oliver Tyrie PB’d in 100m IM, just imagine if you were there with a couple of minutes to get ready but great effort don’t change.

Only one girl in 200m freestyle and yes she did it Paddy, 02:55 Emily Kay, you made me feel so proud.

Sophie, what a great effort in your 100m backstroke brilliant first (50m think it was PB) and you worked hard right to the end. Well done Phoebe on your 100m just outside a PB.

Great effort for Lewis and Matt on the last event 100m you both work hard.

Thanks to Julian ‘sign me in Weaver’, Mike Nicholls and Matt Bale for making sure the swimmers got to the right place, and all the parents for making it a great weekend!


Now it time for me to find my voice…. see you all tomorrow thank you….

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