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Halstead swimmers have competed in the prestigious M11 National Junior League for 10 years. The division consists of 13 clubs, most of which are large London Clubs.


The National Junior Swimming League is one of 11 leagues that are affiliated to the Arena Junior - Inter League (the inter league is directly affiliated to the ASA) 

Within these leagues over 200 swimming teams throughout England and a team from Wales take part.  This is the premier junior swimming league in the united kingdom.  The aim of the inter-league is to promote inter-club competitions for 9 - 12 years, to encourage their progression in swimming and participation in sport.


Although Halstead narrowly missed the A final, they went onto win the consolation final and finish 7th in the league. On the night the club swam against Kingston Royals, Rochford, Camden Swiss Cottage B, Broomfield Park and Harringey Aquatics.

Assistant Head Coach John Lowe was thrilled with his teams performance.

Outstanding swims on the night came from Jack Weaver and Grace Rush who achieved 1st places along with the girls 12 years freestyle relay team - Grace Rush, Amber Pryor, Sophie Trie and Emma southgate.

Competing SWimmers :

lexi CHaplin, Tahlia Haylock, Abigail Gowers, Ruby Weaver, Jack Smith, Theo L'Esperance, THomas Robb. William Blunkell, Hannah Jacob, Olivia cartwright, Emily Kay, Darcy Chaplin, Rose Vinter, Erin Smith, Sophie Andrews, Jack Weaver, Thomas Nicholls, Oliver Haylock, William Gerrard, Amber Pryor, Grace rush, Sophie Tyrie,Emma Southgate, Harry Salmon



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