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Newmarket Open Meet – 3 year old record broken!

A group of 17 swimmers travelled to Newmarket with the aim of achieving personal bests, Essex County qualifying Times and Medal placing’s.

The Meet was well attended by many of the Suffolk swimming clubs.  The Halstead swimmers held their own and between them achieved 29 Personal Bests, 21 County Qualifying Times, 15 first place finishes, 6 second place finishes and 5 3rd place finishes.

Eloise Conway had a fantastic swim and broke a 3 year old club record in the 100m backstroke event.  Head Coach Roger Duncombe said he was very proud of all attending swimmers but to see another club record broken shows how well the club is developing.

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Attending Swimmers: Millie Amerio, Lewis Archer, Connor Avery, Cooper Baker, Daisy Catterwell, Eloise Conway, Katherine Daynes,  Molly Gerrard, Thomas Gubbins Swift, Jamie Hall, EllieNeville, Mia Pocock, Ellie Potter, Wilbur Reeves, Danielle Rulton , Ben Styman Heighton and Olivia Vinter.


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