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At Halstead Swimming Club we want our swimmers to strive to achieve their personal best. We are therefore delighted to advise that we are now a recognised Jack Petchey Foundation youth organisation. 


Jack Petchey Foundation was set up to inspire, motivate and recognise young people across London and Essex for their outstanding achievements. 


Awards and Nominations

Our club will put forward nominations (for members 11-25 years old) for 5 annual awards to recognise the achievements both in and out of the pool.

The nominations will be taken from names put forward by any/all members and then reviewed by our Jack Petchey Achievers Panel.

The Panel consists of 2 Development, 3 Junior and 3 Senior swimmers and will be assisted by two parents.

We have had such a fantastic response from members wanting to take part, that the HSC panel will rotate every 6 months, to allow as many members to take part and benefit from the experience.

Panel Members - November to April

  1. Joshua 

  2. Ava 

  3. Toby

  4. Albert

  5. Oliver R.

  6. Amelia 

  7. Oliver H

  8. Samuel

  9. Emma H

  10. Theresa

Our nomination period is now open, closing on 29th January 2024 (Panel meeting on Fri 2nd Feb)

We want to hear from all of you with your nominations to recognise someone in the Club which calls out their achievements. The Club has two awards to make in this round. Our Jack Petchey Achievers Panel will select two winners who will  be announced poolside, by panel members in February. 

To make your nominations (as many as you like!), please use our form attached below (it has also been emailed out to all members).

Send them into by no later than 29th January 2024.

Thank you!

Find out more about the Jack Petchey Foundation - Web Link

Normination Form


Congratulations to Emi and Albert for becoming the first winners of the Jack Petchey Award, as nominated and voted for by his peers at Halstead Swimming Club!

Emi is a swimmer who puts their everything into Halstead swimming club. She cares deeply about helping the younger swimmers and has volunteered for many hours on poolside. In addition, she is the first to
go to any swimmer who is upset or anxious, empathising with them and sharing her own experience. Emihas become a real role model even though her own anxiety battles continue. She really reflects the qualities of an Achiever. Well done to Emi!


Albert has also been on a personal journey. 2 years ago this swimmer would not get into a pool because he had challenges breathing in the water. However, he has found ways around this to enable himself to not only get in
the pool and train, but also swim in competition – they are now rather fast!  Albert is also a great team player – he is at the side of the pool in competitions shouting from the top of his lungs to encourage others to win their race! Well done Albert, a fantastic Achiever role model who amplifies “If I think I can, I can”

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