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HSC Success at the Born2Tri Gosfield Lake Triathlon & Multisports Event

2 Jul 2023

Report from the Triathlon and Multisports Event 2023

Not a HSC event, but a ‘HSC family’ gathering of athleticism, friendships and camaraderie; the Born2Tri Gosfield Lake Triathlon and Multisports Event 2023. Genuinely one of the best, and brightest events: the weather was perfect, the venue was spectacular and the people cheerful, inspiring and supportive.

An 18+ years event that saw:

  • Charlie (with a spectacular transition!), Marcel and Kai take 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Sprint Triathlon (750m swim, 20km bike ride, 5km run) an incredible feat!! Reaffirmed by seasoned tri spectator, Shaun Boldock’s sheer excitement and pride in them all and their achievements! Thomas came in a brilliant 18th overall and 8th in the Open category on his first triathlon, followed closely by Lewis in 14th and Sam in 16th.

  • HSC alumni Becki came in at 9th in the Open female cat (1st most cheerful, according to the photos!), closely followed by Robyn in 10th - with a triumphant 4 minute PB and ‘less of the old HSC’ timer mum Katie came in 20th as a veteran cat on her first triathlon, go Katie! .

  • Holly Freegard came in a MAGNIFICENT 1st in the Aquathlon (1500m swim, 10km run)

  • Neil came in 16th on his first ever tri, as a veteran, in the Standard Tri (1500m swim, 40km bike and 10km run).

I think that there were other HSC alumni and family there, but I don’t know everyone’s names, if someone points me in their direction I’ll add them to the report with glee and pride

It was just the loveliest of events to watch, the HSC members past, present and parental were just wonderful!

An amazing number of the HSC community turned out to support them all; Special mention to Dave, who might be an amazing competitive swimming coach, but is also experienced at officiating these events, and was just as emotional watching our gang come through the final stages. Thanks for being just as excited with the whole thing!

I personally had Linneys #1 & #2 wanting to have a go, with #3 thinking maybe……when I’m older…..but I’ll watch with a bacon sandwich in the meantime .

Bale #2 was overheard saying that she would overcome her fear of open water swimming to give it a go in the future…..if the others join her .

Meanwhile, Daisy looked on glad she ‘only’ has to worry about the swimming part in this weekend’s Regional Open Water Champs in Norwich, with Lewis.

Shout out to the incredible job done by the Born2Tri organisers and to Gosfield Lake (one of HSC's very own). Spectacular job!! Thank you!!

Well done everyone.

Truly, truly fabulous!

For details of open water swimming at Gosfield Lake -

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