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HSC Gordon Finch 50th Anniversary Sprint Meet

2 Sept 2023

Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part in the HSC Sprint Meet on the 2nd Sept

Thank you to everyone who supported the Halstead SC Sprint Meet on the 2nd Sept.

The incredible turnout ensured that our Coaches and TMs had their hands full trying to keep up with everyone's swims! Behaviour and rousing squad support was wonderful.........and that's just the parents ;D

So, thanks you to all the Coaches, Officials (thanks Natalie for getting all the 'gang' together), Team Managers and Volunteers who gave up their time to help make this event so successful.............with special mention to the team in the glass box - The IT Crowd, on who's shoulders so much pressure rested - You're all legends!

To Helen, who is our chief 'plate spinner', ensuring all zones are covered and is the host with the most!

Thank you to all those who bellowed from the stands; Halstead you are all brilliant!!! GOooooooooooooooHalstead!!

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