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Junior League Success!

25 Jun 2023

Best ever Junior League position for Halstead

2023-06-25 National Junior League - Div1 - Rnd3- Gala2 - Southbury LC host Chelsea - Prov
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Report by John Lowe

Apologies for the lateness in writing this report but i have to admit to having a little private celebration first. To say I am overwhelmed by the team's efforts today is an understatement. Halstead were already on to a winner simply because wherever we finished it would have been our greatest achievement in the Junior League by some margin. To finish 3rd overall is an incredible result. I will go over individual efforts another time but tonight belongs to the team. As a team we were fabulous whether we won an event or came last; each swim gave us valuable points; and when you consider how close the placings were from 3rd to 5th our achievement was immense.

I, along with all of the other Coaches, have a sense of pride regarding the swimming tonight. Although Paddy and Gary and all of the helpers were not there today they have more than helped make this Halstead team something to be reckoned with. I don't know if you can get more pleasure than watching your siblings perform to their utmost and produce a result such as this.

We have never been in an "A" final before and yes some teams have dropped out because of covid; but we didn't. Lets put things into perspective - we sometimes (me included) take performances for granted because that's what we expect. Look at the teams we were up against. Winners Chelsea and Westminster - not only London's finest team but a top 10 in the country, Royal Tunbridge Wells - the outstanding team in Kent. You then have Enfield Swim Squad made up from 7 teams that existed in the borough of Enfield. Greenwich Royals another massive club, then "Little ol Alstead". I am not belittling Halstead but it is funny when you hear opposing teams ask where Halstead is. It is also nice to hear the referee Jonathon from Harlow say thet since taking the League Organiser role he has followed our progress for the last 5 years and mightily impressed he is. So should all of the parents be. Whether you competed in 1, 2 or 3 rounds you have all helped with this result. Whether you came first or last they have all been points toward our success. As a small club we obviously rely on your committment and by and large we have had that.

Many thanks and very well done to each and every swimmer.

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